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Hearty Advice – 2

1.Last Sunday of September is celebrated as WORLD HEART DAY.This year it is falling on 28 of September.The theme of this year is “TEAM UP FOR HEALTHY HEART“.Try to identify others around you who also have interest in cardiovascular & heart disease prevention.

2.Risk Factors for heart diseases are-Obesity, High blood Pressure, Stress, Diabetes, Smoking, Alcohalism, Lack of exercise, Faulty diet and life style.

3.For Healthy Heart

-Use less oil.

-Eat more of grains and nuts.

-Limit red meat.

-Use low fat dairy products.

-Quit Smoking

-Sleep adequately.

-Monitor BP and cholesterol regularly and take measure to control it.

-Make proper work schedule and follow it religiously to avoid work related stress.

-Practice stress reduction technique such as deep breathing,yoga and meditation.

-Go for medical check up regularly.

-If your doctor has prescribed you medicine for high BP or some other related ailment

Take them regularly whether you are feeling sick or not.High BP is said to be silent


Take less salt,not >1.25 gm per day

-Exercise regularly.

4.Maximum heart rate is a good indicator of heart function.This is calculated by-

(220-age).This you should get after exercise.Failure to achieve one’s maximum heart rate is an indicator of poor heart health.If heart rate returns to normal quickly it shows better health.

5.If starting exercise for the first time, Your heart rate should be 50% of the desired maximum heart rate after exercise and you should be comfortable .Slowly and slowly increase exercise time.

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